Our Mission

CityPathways aims to help teenagers engage in a dynamic menu of experiences that integrate enrichment with academics by creating an ecosystem of high-quality opportunities customized to each student’s interests and needs.  By providing structured, affinity-aligned pathways to and through an exciting array of community organizations and cultural institutions throughout NYC, City Pathways (cPaths) will enable youth to "see paths,” acquiring competencies that provide access to opportunities in learning and the workforce.  cPaths will accomplish this through:

  • crafting competency-focused Personal Learning Plans based upon learner profiles that help bridge in- and out-of-school learning, 
  • mapping and creating menus of high-quality activities linked to students' Personal Learning Plans,
  • enabling students to earn micro-credentials  that recognize and reward achievement and link them to next opportunities on their learning path.

cPaths emphasizes academically-oriented, creativity-focused, project-based educational experiences, providing an essential complement to the overly-constrained school day by drawing upon the best existing resources in New York City.

Goals and Anticipated Outcomes

  • Connect kids to real world opportunities that ignite interest and expertise and propel them on pathways to high school, college, career, and citizenship (recognizing that these pathways may well be non-sequential and somewhat serpentine..) 
  • Make every space a learning space by equipping students to capitalize on ‘anywhere, anytime’ learning through catalytic exposure in structured off-site experiences that lead to the development of interests and expertise
  • “Unlock the block” through opening up a wider array of opportunities across the city to disrupt the notion of geography as destiny for kids and communities who deserve access to the fullest panoply of programs available
  • Leverage, integrate, and optimize existing resources to create more equitable and excellent opportunities for adolescents
  • Create marketplace of middle class opportunities for young people who wouldn't otherwise have them
  • Use game mechanics to help NYC itself become a game board of opportunities for kids and help them excel at the game of life
  • Unleash passion, progress, and purpose in pursuit of increased levels of engagement and attainment 
  • Ensure that youth experience success (and the spillovers of success) that fortifies their identities and fuels them for future challenges