Curates and coordinates a rich array of on- and off-site programs by participating CBOs and cultural institutions that meet quality criteria, available through a portal with mapping and matching menu features to bring greater coherence, focus, and purpose to the decisions students make 

ADVANTAGE: Furnishes a more diverse menu of opportunities than a traditional after school provider can, making better matches between youth and programs to ensure engagement and learning outcomes

Customizes to meet the needs and desires of participating schools, students, and families

ADVANTAGE: Integrates with any existing after school programs with which school or students are already connected, given the customization of Personal Learning Plans and badge pathways

Utilizes Personal Learning Plans 

ADVANTAGE: Weaves together short- and long-term academic, socio-emotional, and physical well-being goals, organized around core competencies

Offers Digital Badging, an assessment and credentialing mechanism designed to make visible and validate learning in both formal and informal settings

ADVANTAGE: Confers credentialized badges that supplement test scores and broaden the kinds of skills and knowledge students can demonstrate and be recognized for

Provides high quality mentoring through C.I.T.Y (Connecting Inspiring and Trailblazing with Youth) Coaches who support character growth and development of executive functioning (the ability to plan, organize and make decisions), connect students to high-quality, interest-aligned on- and off-site learning opportunities, and escort them to and from such programs (This support can be provided by school-based staff trained by CityPathways if preferred)

ADVANTAGE: Adds needed human capacity to help with Personal Learning Plans & badge acquisition

Access to a social learning platform for early adolescents: Yelp for Youth meets Google Maps meets LinkedIn meets Pinterest

ADVANTAGE: Harnesses peer-based learning fueled by the currency of achievement