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CityPathways (cPaths) helps teens and tweens "see paths" to possible futures.  By connecting students to a rich array of experiences in companies, community-based organizations, and cultural institutions throughout New York City, cPaths will propel participating youth to next-level learning opportunities and prepare them for successful livelihoods. 

This entails:

  • mapping the wealth of youth-serving entities in NYC, 

  • matching youth with menus of opportunities that spark passions they can pursue more deeply over time,

  • coaching them through cycles of learning that enhance exposure and engagement with community organizations and cultural institutions,

  • mobilizing micro-credentials to recognize and reward achievement and link students to next-level opportunities on their learning path.

CityPathways aims to be a pioneering aggregator of youth-focused opportunities, creating an ecosystem that enables youth and those who work with them to access and assess high-quality, strength-building activities that propel them on paths to success. 


For more information, please check out our CityPathways Prezi or read our Concept Paper.

       CityPathways: Catalyzing a cascade of new possibilities

       CityPathways: Catalyzing a cascade of new possibilities

            CityPathways: Building bridges to better tomorrows

            CityPathways: Building bridges to better tomorrows


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